Comic depiction by Grace Farris, MD (@CoupDeGraceFarris)

Comic depiction by Grace Farris, MD (@CoupDeGraceFarris)


Hi, I’m Dr. Cara Gormally.

I am a cartoonist and professor in Washington, D.C. After studying philosophy as an undergraduate, I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Georgia, where I studied biology education and plant physiology. Currently, I geek out teaching human biology using comics in American Sign Language at Gallaudet University, the world’s only liberal arts college for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

I make science explainer comics which focus on the biology of making and growing humans, as well as the socio-scientific issues that we face as a society. My goal is to make science come alive in everyday life. Making comics is my public scholarship, to make the world a little bit better by improving science literacy. My work has appeared on Medium, Popula, and MUTHA Magazine. You can check out some of my comics here. I am currently working on a book proposal for comics about the biology of trying to make babies. Editors, publishers, agents—I’d love to chat!

I enjoy giving talks and workshops for a variety of audiences about my work, such as why comics are a powerful tool to improve science literacy (and why we can’t survive without it), how we can humanize science with simple and engaging visual stories, why the field of graphic medicine can transform how we teach biology, and how to visually communicate your scientific research using just stick figures.

I am an avid cook and baker of things, especially cookies. I love early mornings, graphic novels, cats, gardening and plants when I’m not accidentally killing them, poodles, and mid-afternoon chocolate. I live in the DC metro area with my partner and two small-ish mammals, plus one extra-large fluffy cat.

Areas of interest: visual communication of science; biology of making and growing humans; communicating about socio-scientific issues; improving science literacy and attitudes toward science; and identity and science learning.

Skills: teaching, science comics, workshop facilitation, biology, science literacy

I tweet occasionally at @C_Gormally.

New comics are up weekly on Instagram @cara_gormally.

And a bunch of my work on Graphic Motherhood is at Spiralbound.

Comicn depiction by Paul Fisher Davies (@Crosbiesnaps)

Comicn depiction by Paul Fisher Davies (@Crosbiesnaps)